Panels position not saved

I noticed this problem a long time ago. It is happening on my surface book with GeForce GT 940.
I usually keep the Layers below the Properties but Rhino6 remembers them as being one next to each other.
So I have to reposition them each time I start rhino.

I know that this might happen if Rhino crashes or if i have multiple instances opened. But this is not the case.

This one is filed as RH-35026 - and is driving me absolutely insane…

This also happens with a toolbar (tabbed set) which is docked adjacent to the commandline. It loses position each time Rhino starts and running as administrator doesn’t fix fix it.

Don’t know if this is included in the above bug track…

I messed up the link to the YT issue in that post above. I fixed it so you should be able to see it now.

Thanks Wim, I see it know, complete with link to this thread…

was there ever a solution to this? I am experiencing this problem with the latest rhino 6 release

I haven’t experienced this problem lately.

Hi - this issue is still open and on the list to be fixed for 7.x.

this issue is driving me insane and I just bought Rhino 6, are you telling me I won’t be able to have Rhino save my panel arrangement ever unless I pay $500 when Rhino 7 comes out? It’s really really frustrating.

I’ve been using V6 for a long time, I have Properties docked over Layers and they do not move… at all.

It will get fixed before V7 is released:

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This is also related to new toolbars.
Once I install something new they reset to default:

welcome to Rhino… :slight_smile:

Also the lower tab is plagued by this:
osnaps are now off.
there is no filter tab anymore:

And here’s another one coming with the install of R6.20
Please look into this, the ICT department is also very unhappy with it.

This one comes from Rhino Inside WIP