Personal toolbar layout is not applied

Hi there,
I try to set up a personal toolbar layout like this.

However, every time when I open Rhino, the toolbar arranges like this;
It makes me crazy. Every time, I have to newly set up a toolbar.
I tried to set up a new template. But it didn’t work. Have you experienced this kind of issue?

Hello - my guess is, you are opening multiple toolbar (*.rui ) files. You can try:

  • Restore the Rhino window - that is, not maximized.
  • manually stretch the window to be very nearly maximized.
  • arrange the toolbars.
  • maximize Rhino, then close and re-open… Any better?
  • import the toolbars from the various .rui files into your main one, close the other toolbars, Save your modified toolbar to a new name (not default.rui) arrange, and close and re-open RhinoRhino…?