The look of the Rhino document images

Much of the recent Rhino documentation has images with a rendering that I personally love. I’d like to know how you do it. Is it all in Rhino? or Rhino and a vector editor? Do you have any resources or guidelines or design material that you can share? Is it possible that you have a personalized rh display ? if so, could you share it ? And in general, how does McNeel deal with this problem (create images for documentation)?

For example, the images of this post. I thought about this while reading a Compute tutorial (If I remember correctly) with very interesting images, but I didn’t find it again. Anybody know which one I mean? It looked like just Rhino use.

Image samples:

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the designs look so fresh, good question, i’ve wondered the same thing.

I wonder if David Rutten had anything to do with it…

I found this a bit related. I recently saw on the forum by McNeel employees a characteristic look at Rhino display. I’m more interested in these kinds of custom displays than in creating vectorial art using Xara or Corel or others…

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Hi Dani - the examples from your first post are by @DavidRutten, yes.
And at least partially made in XaraX: