Penguin Wishlist

I love Penguin and use it every day to communicate and present architectural concepts.

I’m opening this topic to discuss features to add to future SR’s or versions.

I’d love to be able to apply patterns + graphic textures to materials. No bumps, displacement, etc. Just simple line indication like hatching, fritting, or wood-grain curves. Still keeping that graphic, non-photo feel but adding a layer of depth beyond color.

I’m usually doing this stuff in photoshop afterward, but it’d be more accurate and efficient to do so directly in Penguin.

Just curious…
What version of Rhino are you using? I used to use Penguin all the time as well but somewhere during the wip cycle of Rhino 5 I felt that I could do pretty much all that with custom display modes. What have I forgotten about Penguin? I just took a look at the gallery for Penguin and there was not much there…

wim, thank you for your reply and apologies on the very delayed response. i read this in august and immediately investigated custom display modes. thank you for making me aware of this amazing toolset i was somehow ignoring. agreed- with display modes you can achieve nearly everything penguin can do- though i think there are some differences in the shaders. penguin seems less likely to produce noise / dithering when rendering cast shadows. maybe it’s just my machine.