Save my eyeballs - Make Rhino 6 look like Rhino 5?

Hey guys - I’ve found myself running R5 way more often than R6 for my work in the past year or so, just because the interface is blindingly white compared to R5. Is there a way to get the default display in R6 to look just like R5? This is of course not pointing to the new display mode enhancements like Arctic etc…I like the old R5 boring gray background etc because it is way easier on my eyeballs…

Is there a ‘flip a switch’ option or would I have to go into each one of the workspace startup templates and change a bunch of things?

Any help is appreciated! Thanks!!!

Have you tried adjusting the colours in your options?


Thanks for the suggestion - no I haven’t. I will try this.

Question: If I make these changes will they ‘stick’ for each template? For instance, if I start a new project using the small/large mm or small/large inches template.

OK - It doesn’t seem to change anything; R5 left, R6 right:

try grid appearance settings too

Better yet, make sure all your display modes are set to their defaults. The boring gray background is what it should look like in v6 too.


Ding ding ding! Thanks Nathan. All viewports were set to Wireframe. Just switching them to Shaded did the trick.

3 out of 4 are Shaded, with the white background still set to Wireframe:

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Note that this is a document property and needs to be saved in the template(s) that you use.

Nathan was referring to factory-default display modes. When go into the Rhino Options, expand View > Display Modes. Are the names of any display modes here in blue letters? If so, those are not factory-default. You can reset those by selecting one and pressing the Restore Defaults button at the bottom of the dialog.

Thanks @Wim - I am not sure what the blue text indicates in the Display property list. I reset to default & closed/reopened R6 to find the default background white again (using same Large Inches template). So - this is where I need to modify each template to make sure it ‘sticks’ correct?

As you can see, I did load some additional display ‘styles’ a few months ago to mitigate the white background look.

I didn’t realize it was ‘stupid question Thursday’ :thinking:

This is WHY text is blue ~ I changed some settings to make mesh wireframes easier to see in some cases.

Now to figure out how to get all of my templates the way I want them & not have to mess with them (hopefully) again anytime soon.

The text turns blue when you change something in a factory-default display mode, yes.

If you have reset those display modes to factory-defaults, most (but not all) of those will have Background set to “Use application settings”. This will then take the color that you have set in Appearance > Colors > Background.

If things are set like that, you shouldn’t have to worry about modifying the templates.

And to get all the defaults back you just make sure the display name in the left pane is selected, then you hit the Restore Defaults button. Do so for each display mode that is not black. The blue color means one or more modifications have been made.

I think this is where you should check, too. Select either “Use application settings” or “Solid color” (the 2nd option allows you to pick your favourite background color).