Show off your Display Modes

Sorry for spamming the forum in recent days. I’m in desperate need of some ideas/inspiration. I’m curious to see what you’ve come up with in regards to your own custom display modes. Despite the vast amount of options I always end up with not-so-great results (due to me not the program).

I’m also hoping to generate a discussion that shows off more visuals. I notice many posts are more along the lines of technical subjects and issues. Compared to the Sketchup forum we don’t see as much of people’s work (I know there’s the gallery, which is great, but not as much discussion about the work and it’s processes).

can you post your not so great results with notes as to what want but are not getting?

Here are a couple which I have found useful:

Render Occlusion - Basically just arctic viewport with object materials on. Like sketchup but with ambient occlusion!

Sheet Shadows - Arctic again, but this time using scene lighting and shadows combined with a higher gamma to make the shadows lighter and more subtle. Skylight with a nice hdri gives a nice varied lighting tone and adding the sun allows for the shadows. I find this useful for adding some depth and shadows to architecture drawings.

I also have a couple of ideas of Rhino implementations for display modes if you’d like to hear them!


Hi Ben - fire away, but maybe in a new topic - thanks!


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Coincidentally I was kind of hoping to figure out a way to mimic Sketchup’s look. These look pretty awesome!

Hi Kyle. It’s hard to peg down as I’ve gone down and abandoned a few different pathways. It’s hard to prepare a “concise” visual description of my struggles because they’ve been on-going for the past year. And I’m swamped. I started this post to get a fresh start, then start complaining later on if I still can’t get what I want :wink: .
Ben’s visual styles are quite close to what I’m trying to achieve. I recall a post some time back showcasing a few obscure display modes (like a blueprint, which didn’t work unfortunately). The Penguin add-on also came up if I recall. That’s another visual style I’m eventually going to aim for (most likely by purchasing that add-on if it still exists).

I believe penguin is sadly no longer- We do have a few things cooking for v8, if we can crack a few technical details, that will open up a whole new world of what you can do with rhino displays, but they are not ready to show publicly just yet.


Thanks for sharing that Kyle! I’m eager (but patient) to see what’s in store!!

if it all works… it’ll be pretty freekin’ cool…

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Thanks for sharing, they look great. Would you be willing to share your .ini files for these display modes?