Patent Illustration

I am new to Rhino and trying to use it to create Patent Illustrations. I am looking for help creating templates and sheets to output the drawings. Are there any experienced people that use Rhino for this? Any problems you have faced?


Hi Eddy - see if this helps:[]=display&s[]=mode


Thanks for the Reply. That is what I am attempting to utilize. I have had trouble with the display mode getting it to display any shading lines. Not sure if it is my lighting, display settings, or another setting. I get now shading, not sure how it determines what to shade.This is what I get:
PatentAttempts2.pdf (28.1 KB)

Try turning on the skylight and or sun. Does that make a difference?

The sun doesn’t seem to make a difference. The Skylight turns off the shading.

Played around with it, seems to be more definitive to the angle of the view. I am somewhat a beginner at rendering, but I assume I can change the angle of the light source to really get different results.

Hm. I am getting spotty results - by that I mean terrible - from this, now, myself. I’ll see what I can find out.
@scottd - do you have an idea? I get very widely spaced lines, sometimes, on my test ‘box’ with this - it used to work…


After the modeling, you can use Inscape to put all the pointers* and numbers on it.

You can embed the bitmap .png/.jpg from Rhino into the inscape file.

(*No arrow points, nothing perpendicular nor parallel.)