Surface edges & curves disappearing


I’ve been working in Rhino 5.0 as normal today and it has started hiding the surface edges, iso curves and any lines within the view port. I’ve not changed anything I’m aware of but it has become a nusicance within a matter of a couple of hours from being fine to now.

I have to rotate the view for the curves, edges and lines to come back, but then they disappear again leaving a surface with no edges or iso curves. My mesh settings are what I normally use for modelling, and even changing them does not help.

Everything is the latest version and I have updated my graphics card driver to the latest but it is still a problem.

If anyone can off any help I’d really appreciate it.



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Hi Jonathan- I’d look in Options > View and check the display modes listed below that- make sure they are all set the the defaults - there is a Restore Defaults button on each display mode .


Thanks Pascal.

All the settings here are fine. It only when I rotate my model that the lines reappear and then disappear shortly after I stop rotating. It’s like a graphical problem, but has only just started occurring.

Hi Jonathan- Does this happen in any model or one in particular? Does Zoom Extents do what you expect or does it zoom way out?


It sounds like the camera and/or target are out of whack. I usually fix this by picking an object and then Zoom–Selected.

Thanks both. I’m only working in one particular model at the moment. Zoom extents works fine and I use zoom selected a fair bit. It is a 40 meter long set of surfaces and I’m working along the whole length of them. Perhaps my 3d mouse has messed up somewhere as I fly from one end to the other. I don’t recall having this problem before, but I’ll see how it is tomorrow.

So today I have not had the issue with the file I was using yesterday, however the problem did occur in another file of an imported step file. As I’m rotating the view the surface edges, lines and iso curves all show but then just after I stop moving the model these all disappear and I’m left with a load of surfaces that don’t appear to have edges.

I have a clipping plane in the original model I was having issues with yesterday, but it was inactive at the time. Very odd.

Hi Jonathan- if you get things in this ‘state’ please SaveAs, just as it is, and post here, or if it is not OK for the public to see, send to via, to my attention.



Thanks Pascal. It’s been fine this afternoon. If I get the problem again I’ll be sure to get in touch.

Last night I moved a curve and it disappeared in all four viewports. I could select it, snap to it and use it and it would partially appear in yellow but otherwise it was invisible. Moved the curve slightly and it reappeared. If it happens again I’ll try to save the geometry and submit it.

This sounds like the same problem. I’d be interested to know if you establish the problem :smile:

Hi Jonathan, Pascal. I have the same issue with several of my drawings. There does not seem to be a pattern, as this occurs in various viewports, and drawings. It does appear more frequently when working in a right view than it does in a top view for example, however is not always like this. The issue occurs with curves and text disappearing when rotating, then reappearing when rotation ends. The right viewport is more severe where the curves remain invisible, unless selected. So in other words the curves are present in the view, only they are not visible unless selected.

Most of my work is confidential, and therefore am unable to provide the files. If I can provide any other form of info it would be my pleasure.
Thank you for an excellent product and after sale service, Rob.

Hi All,

I’ve had a similar problem, as well. Its only happened to me on one
file, so far. That particular file is a fairly large one that started
out as a STEP file import, so I figured that was part of the cause. My
main problem is that lines, surfaces, faces, etc. disappear when moving
around (rotating, zooming) in the perspective window. Also, in other
than wireframe view, objects that are behind others disappear. They
don’t reappear after movement has stopped, and I often have to continue
navigating to a position where they’re visible again.


Rob, and all - can you send us a file to (not public, only internal to McNeel) to my attention (Pascal)?

@JSD, @robshaz, @mmsinger, @davidcockey - what video cards do you all have? (looking for a common thread).



Pascal, when I experience this again, I will send you the file.

The STEP import rings a bell. We use step to translate between Catia and Rhino so it may be this?

My graphics card is an NVIDIA Quadro K2000. It’s a virtually brand new machine.


I think I have found the cause of this problem. It has just started doing it again on a different Rhino file. This time it is an IGES file I’ve opened up, added a Clipping Plane and suddenly the isocurves started disapearing again. I turn the clipping plane off and things return to normal. Turn the clipping plane back on, and the isocurves disappear.

Can anyone else confirm that this could be the cause?

Hi Jonathan- that does not seem right to me - it would be great to get hold of a surface that behaves this way to see if we can reproduce it.


Ok. I will extract some of the surfaces tomorrow, check that it still does it and send that though to you.


Ther are two screen shots here. One with the clipping plane turned on and the other with it off. When I rotate the model the isocurves come back, bu then disappear again after a few seconds of stopping rotation.

I will email you the file Pascal

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