Surface isocurves and edges in ghosted view buggy

Hi all,

Sometimes in ghosted view my surface isocurves and edges disappear. Its a really weird situation, because not all of them disappear and also it depends in what angle I’m looking.

I already tried turning them on and off, changing transparency, making a new viewport, resetting to default ghosted settings, but nothing helps/fixes it.

Does anyone els also have this problem, is it my file (I have it in multiple files), or might it be my system (I also have it on multiple pc’s).

try switching off the GPU tesselation in rhino settings.

Hoi Martijn -

If you upload the file, it’ll be quick to be able to answer that question.

Hi Wim,

Thanks for the reply but I just found out what is was.
Apparently Ghosted view and layer opacity don’t work together.

I had 1 layer in my drawing that was somewhat transparent and that messed everything up. The moment I changed that opacity back to 255 everything was back to normal.

Don’t know if this is a bug but at least there is a solution.

Thanks anyway

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