Surface edge invisible

Hi, Rhino users!
I have been using R5 for a while and now this problems starts to appear: I only see part of my object in wireframe view. I set the options>view>display modes>wireframe to default. I can get around it by selecting the object and setting surface visible in the properties tab.
But why do I have to do this now with every object I ever make from now on?

Can someone point me to what I can do to solve this? Perhaps there is a setting to make the surface edges visible in all view but I cant find it. I have updated all my drivers, so thats not the problem.
thanks, Maarten

Do you mean you want a shaded mode?

Hello - turning on isocurves for the object (in Properties on the right in your image) will help but you won’t get actualy sillhouettte curves in wireframe views.


Hi, thanks for the replies. @Toshiaki_Takano , no i just want wireframe, but I need to see the edges of all objects. Now i have to switch that on each time a make an object. I want it go automatically. @pascal I do that always, but I dont want to always have to do that with every object I make. Why is this off by default? I used not to have this problem.

Hello - the isocurve density for new objects is set in Options > General page. Is that what you’re looking for?


That sounds good! I’m away from the computer now (it is evening in europe) but i will give it a try tomorrow morning. Thanks !

I tried, but to no avail.

I clicked Show surface isocurves and I set Isocurve density to 1. Did not improve matters as you can see. Wireframe view is rather useless this way.

Set the isocurve density higher. 5 would probably be good.

@ChrisK thanks but didnt work.
regards, Maarten

Hi Maarten - as I mentioned, you will not get silhouettes in wireframe display modes - it may be that the Pen display mode will work better for you.


Ok thanks. I’ll live with it