SubD retopology tools wish

Hi I want ask to @BrianJ and to the developers of the new SubD rhino project if it’s possible add new tools to use the SubD to retopologize a mesh.

I’m thinking about a tool to build the SubD faces wrapped over another geometry(maybe a mesh ) like one or all this tools : thanks in advance

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I replied in the other post too but there’s nothing that advanced for retopology in the works for Rhino SubDs. You can of course import FBX or OBJ from Blender and run ToSubD, so there’s a workflow you could try now. Use the Subdivision surface modifier in Blender to get a good idea of what the Rhino SubD will look like. Once in Rhino WIP, you can also use Pull to pull the SubD edit or control points to target geometry too.

In the Rhino WIP itself, you can use the 3DFace command to make your first face and then Append to build off of that while using vertex Osnaps to an underlying mesh. An alternate workflow would be to use the QuadRemesh command to make a quad mesh/SubD over the original mesh. This is harder to control topology wise but you can indicate guide curves in the QuadRemesh command to help.

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Thanks @BrianJ I do ,but I hope in the future that is possible doing only in rhino(I think today is possible also with the plug in Mesh2surface )

Hi @BrianJ hope you’re safe in this pandemic times …i will ask you if it’s possible toggle the symmetry of subd when you need…

Hi @giansbatta Thanks, you too!

The Reflect command has a new option to remove it from the selection. That may do what you’re after.

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Really? Where is this new option? I have the last release…?

Hi @giansbatta
Please, check _SnapToMeshObject command. Using that you can constrain all picking to an existing mesh object. That allows you to construct meshes/SubDs around another mesh using for example 3DFace and AppendFace.

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Thanks i try …and the option to remove symmetry you know where is?

Perhaps @BrianJ knows this better. But my guess is the _RemoveExistingSymmetry option in _Reflect command.

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It should be here…


Thanks a lot

I couldn’t get it to work

Are you on Windows or Mac? What is your Rhino WIP version?

I’m using Windows…


The workflow goes like this:

  1. You run _SnapToMeshObject and select the mesh you want to retopologize
  2. [optional] Then you may want to change that mesh object display mode to rendered to hide wires and lock it
  3. Then you run _ApppenFace and accept empty selection to start creating new SubD
  4. Set Output=SubD and Interpolate=Yes so that the SubD limit surface points will be placed on the mesh surface
  5. Then start adding faces one by one
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Thanks a lot … now I understand … but it is a very bad solution I hope to do RETOPOLOGY in Rhino7 as most software already do (clayoo for example…or Topogun )

@giansbatta I can see TopoGun is on a different level. What would be the first features/improvements you would add to Rhino 7 to make it closer to a usable retopo tool? Do you find QuadRemesh helpful?

The tools needed are for retopologize any scans of object( a tool able to working with subd extrusion wrapped over the reference mesh for ex),quad Remesh is very good but is automatic to set up that tool you have to spend a lot of time , more fast is : putting the scans in blender and retopologize them for one more put in Rhino to proceed to the other operation…and you have to learn Blender before…

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So do you already have a SubD wrapped over the scan and you just need to tweak it?