Exploring SubD in the Rhino 7 WIP / 9.17.19

The technical reason is that “it’s hard”. Fortunately, @pierrec is working hard on this problem, and we expect to be able to deliver many fewer surfaces when converting SubD to NURBS. I don’t know when that feature will arrive in the build, though.


Thanks for the update @brian and @pierrec - good luck and for sure once its done I’ll buy you a beer or two!

Keep up the good work guys!



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That is great work ! Thanks also for subd’s flowonsurface with history…now we wait the axial symmetry …

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Thank you so much,
I’m really excited…

is there a way if having Crease options on edges?
1- No Crease
2- Crease
3- Soft Crease (something between hard and soft) I think Maya has this option.

Hi @brian , I hope we will still have the option to convert every SubD face to one NURBS face. Fewer surfaces will also be cool in many cases however for my current development I need simple “quad” surfaces when converting ToNurbs.
Thanks, Jess

Thanks for the feedback, symmetry for SubD is filed and I added your vote.

There are RemoveCrease and Crease commands now but a variably sharp crease is not yet supported. I added your vote to the filed request, thanks!


Thanks for the feedback, I added your comments for the developers to maintain an optional 1 to 1 conversion.

I think this will happen automatically when it is possible for the SubD to be represented by a single NURBS surface. But some SubD topologies (I daresay most) just can’t be represented by a single NURBS surface, so you’ll get more than one.

Hi Brian, sorry I wasn’t clear. I meant one NURBS surface for each SubD Face. Just the way it is right now when you convert ToNurbs.

Can´t wait to get the SubD fully Integrated. Are a long time user of TSpline and now Clayoo.

What I still miss in 7 WIP.

  1. Weld Points,
    Very good and easy instead of welding edges. Especially with complicated projects.

  2. Pipe curves.
    TSplines or Clayoo never managed to get their piping totally round, then it´s useless!

  3. Symmetry function,
    that works…

  4. Thicken surfaces/objects,
    very useful when making hollow items.

  5. SubD from curve
    Can only find from object?

  6. I often sculp with open objects and close holes in Nettfabb before printing. Open objects are easier to mold and sculpt. Capping and closing holes give difficult Splines. In 7 WIP i can´t extract faces in open objects only copy the faces…?

Keep up the good work.

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RH-53220 is fixed in the latest WIP


hi guys,
i`m so glad to see the nice progress of the SudD wizzard. Im also a long t-splines user and clayoo, but what you do is going to be the best … and most convenient for use sooo thumbs UP and we stand behind you with our critics.
so i put my wish list in the proper descending order:

  1. symmetry - axial / radial - a must, but i guess you work on it …
  2. subdivide face - just a single face, where i need more detail … simple and exact
  3. thicken
  4. insert ctrl point / edge - simple and exact
  5. match srf - in order to simply join / append to existing nurb srf
  6. append face - which is maybe 3dface if with mesh, but we need the same in SubD
  7. pipe
  8. fit to curves or the so called tsSkin
    I think, once you have done this jobb, we can totally forget T-Splines and start to go crazy only in our Rhino 3D space
    looking forward to see all of the amazing things you do guys …
    many many thanks
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There’s a subD option in the pipe command in the WIP.

It doesn’t offer good options for segmentation yet. Neither does Loft (loft allows V segments but not U.)

My request is that any rhino command that allows SubD output get an options window for segments, caps and/or creases with WYSIWYG preview. Even better: have the option to have these options window appear in a side panel.

Hi Julian, thanks for the feedback!

This is filed but I don’t know when it will get worked on. RH-53823

You can Ctrl+Shift click a SubD face now and use SubDivide. InsertEdge can also help here.

A SubD version of OffsetSrf is in the works as RH-53773

InsertPoint is scheduled for SubD support as RH-53954 and InsertEdge already works. An Exact option that doesn’t change the shape of the SubD at all is discussed here https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-55446

This is filed for investigation under RH-49943

This one is RH-49855 and the goal is to combine Append and 3Dface while also supporting SubD.

Aside from what Max said, you can also make NURBS pipes and then use QuadRemesh on them to get a SubD. We may have a SubD star or Y branch option as well.

The QuadRemesh workflow might help here, other surfacing commands also allow SubD output like Loft or the Sweep commands for instance. I think the most flexible though is what I showed in the video here using any NURBS input and creating a quad mesh from that. You can have edge loops follow curves or the surface edges too. Please post a specific example file in a separate thread if you think we need more in this area and I’ll take a look and get it filed if needed. Thanks.


@BrianJ This is another feature that would get my vote. I see that you have it filed for investigation under RH-49943, but hopefully this can be bumped to being an actual feature. SubD’s rarely exist in isolation and given that Rhino is primarily a NURBS modeler having the ability to match a subD to a NURBS surface is important in my opinion.

In the meantime, (I admit I have not tried this yet) I will play with the following; remesh NURBS to quad and see if I can get matching segmentation for items to match. Match SubD to said quad mesh After conversion from SubD to NURBS, the SubD should be at least close in shape to NURBS to match. If there are open edges, trim away a little bit and blend in between. I’ll post my results time permitting :grinning:

I bet symmetry functions are coming but right now Reflect command is amazing combined with Quadremesh….

Hi @BrianJ are you studying a retopology workflow /tools like in other software (Blender) ?

No, I have not. If there’s a specific tool or feature you find helpful let us know in a separate thread please and I’ll make sure it’s filed.

I’m thinking about a tool to build the SubD faces wrapped over another geometry(maybe a mesh ) like one or all this tools : https://blendermarket.com/products/retopoflow


Nothing that in depth is being developed by McNeel but you can import OBJ or FBX from Blender and convert to SubD.

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