Is Rhino 7 sub-D good for topolofy workflow?

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I’m Rhino 5 user and currently, I’m using Rhino 5 - Tspline plug-in for retopology works.
I’m not sure Rhino 7 will be support for topology workflow or not?
Has everyone tried to convert scan meshes to clean polygons for virtualization and games?

Yes, the new SubD modeling is a good replacement for Tsplines. Retopo needs a little different approach then Tsplines, and a few minor things are missing, but I am happy with the replacement of Tsplines by SubD in my workflow.
Still in WIP7, but quite stable.


Hello, is there in R7 a manual retopo tool (like in zbrush and Alias) that allows you to draw subd quads on mesh and snap to it? In R7 I see automated tools only unless mistaken. Thank you

You can use snap to mesh, or pull/ project SubD editpoints or controlpoints to a mesh.

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