Subd Join in Rhino common for radial symmetry

is there something like SubD Join in Rhino common? because then we can get very close to having radial symmetry using grasshopper



I think that the TS uses exactly this - a mirror and a join, but not always cutting with a plane as it now in _Reflect

Of course I think it has been reported before :thinking:

Well yes, noticed before.
!_Reflect breaks the topology, when cuts with a plane along the axis.
May be (I hope) !_Reflect is a temporary solution
It needs mirror and join only, without splitting.


I really want and need this… Seems like all the tech is already there. Joining subds SubDJoinedEdges=Smooth is perfectly fine. So if we have access to this in Rhino common we can have all the flavours of Symmetry we want and then some.

any news on this @theoutside? Is this on the wish list already?

This one is filed as currently and I added your post to it. I’m not sure on the ETA but it’s on the list. This is for radial symmetry though and if you are looking for the ability to Join in GH, have you tried working with the Control Polygon from the SubD and then convert back to SubD at the end? This might help.

Yes I tried that, but to get a single smooth subd without creases, I need to perform a mesh join operation followed by a mesh weld operation. Unfortunately that only works when the subd has no ngons, since these get converted to triangles by the mesh weld operation.
So another way to put this wish on the list is to ask for mesh welding that doesn’t convert ngons to triangles.
In my case and I think in many cases you will see that a radial symmetry often has a base element that has axial symmetry, like most wheels on the market today.
So what I need is the ability to add axial and radial symmetry to a model both at the same time. I think however having this in gh is easier to work with. Because then I can choose to switch between the base model and the full model quickly.

This arcane concept of Rhino converting anything to triangles when it doesn’t really have to, has to go away in every single tool. Can we please do that? Ngons should always be preserved. This is a fundamental level of respect to the model and to the modeler when you are working on visualization assets and or SubD modeling.



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Yes, it’s on the really really really want it list…

RH-55857 is fixed in the latest Rhino 7.8 Service Release Candidate