Sorting adaptive panels with Mark value

Im struggling with getting some better control over my adaptive component panels in RIR. Admittedly i’m still somewhat new to this program. Is there a way to create an associated ‘name’ list of mark’s that would be automatically pushed into the parameter when the script puts the 4-point panels into the model?

Hi BeeCee,

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Did you name your points? (if i’m understanding the question correctly)

Hi Japhy,
Apologies, I didnt realize there was a separate forum from the Rhino.inside one. Thanks for moving.

Essentially i have about 800 panels that i am trying to push from rhino into revit via RIR. Its a pretty simple operation, and my test run is working. What I’d like to do is also have a coincident ‘list’ of descending names that associate to the panels directly, via the Mark function, to give some better tracking over the panels themselves. I can’t seem to find a way to do that, though i’m sure it probably exists. Right now they come in with an empty Mark value.

Thanks for clarifying.

A Mark Value on a Curtain Panel is a Type Parameter.

If you already have a list of Values and don’t want to use Panel Types you can add a custom shared parameter to hold that Value.

Here is a similar example of creating the parameter and tagging.