RhinoInside Revit Facade: Flex Curtain Panel

This example illustrates manipulating Revit family parameters of Curtain Wall Panel families from Point location data in Rhino and Grasshopper.

This example’s file formats:
No plugins and older versions of RiR should be fine.
Rhino.Inside Revit: 1.7.8145.16587
Revit: 2021.2 (



Hi Japhy
really great tutorial,
I ran the gh file with the rvt file open in 2023 but the revit model doesn’t update dynamically when I move the point around, am I missing something?
Many thanks

I did a quick download and test in 2023 and it worked as expected, there was a slight lag in the first update to the Panel Families but other than that everything was nominal.

Hi Japhy,

Thanks for the tutorial!
I was trying to recreate it step by step but I run into problems when I try to use ‘inspect element’ component:

How do you get it to show parameters you have in your example file?
Thanks in advance

Hi Andrei, It looks like you are partially there. If you connect a Panel to the parameters output you can see the values and then right click the Inspect components icon and hide unconnected parameters. You can also use Shift Click & Cntl Click on the icon to do the same process.

Hope that helps.

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Oh I see, thanks Japhy!

What threw me off was that the parameter subgroups in outputs are not consistently labeled for me for some reason :frowning: I think it might have to do with me running Revit 23

This is a great tutorial, Japhy! Exactly what I’m looking for for the result. I have one question, I am a Rhino user and I don’t use Revit. How can I implement this grasshopper script in Rhino? Thank you!

Hi Mary, I’m not sure what you mean, and you provide more detail about the workflow you are looking to setup? Do you have Revit? Thanks

Hello Japhy, I mean I want to create a similar effect of gradual window sizes (from small to large) using grasshopper and Rhino only, without using Revit. Would that be possible? If yes, could you please let me know how to do it? Thank you so much, Japhy. I really appreciate it.

The best approach would be to create a post in the Grasshopper forum with additional details of the information you currently have. Goals of the project, files etc.

first you MUST understand how Revit works, just basic as how to make wall, how to make a family, what kind of categories, how the parameters works… Then you can use Rhino.Inside.Revit to implement Grasshopper into Revit.