Add Scheduled and Tagged Direct Shapes to Revit Example

A quick tutorial on bringing in Direct Shapes from Rhino that have Materials & Tags.

Revit file is 2022.1 (can be recreated in 2018 and above from the files below)
Rhino 7 in Decimal Feet.
Rhino.Inside.Revit 1.3.7983.15227
Requires Elefront Plugin EleFront | Food4Rhino

103-Add Scheduled Direct Shapes.rvt (1.6 MB)

Rhino_Param_Breps.3dm (1.3 MB) (13.7 KB)


How did you originally create the User Text? Was it parametric placed/based on their location and fed through Grasshopper (or perhaps only can be done via C# / Python Script) as I can’t seem to find a native way (purely GH without programming languages) to drive numbering and naming the individual panels. Help, thanks!

Hi Eranga,

I’m actually prepping for a workshop that starts with applying UserText with Elefront.

This example uses the tree structure to add user text. (13.5 KB)

Here is one where we are applying multiple keys and values that might also help. (13.7 KB)