Diamond panels questions

Greetings colleagues!

Faced the problem of non-uniform grid filling with adaptive components: is it possible to fix the definition to solve this problem?
Also interested in the question: how to change the direction of construction of components relative to the normals?

And a bonus question: is it possible to mirror the placement of adaptive panels?

Снимок экрана 2022-05-31 231850

100 2.gh (15.7 KB)
Hope structure model 100_1.3dm (257.0 KB)

Вадим ТВ, This will take some additional information to determine what is going on. The SubD in the gh file needs to be internalized or in the .3dm file. The adaptive component family would also need to be provided.

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Hello, Japhy!

Thanks for your reply!
100 3.gh (21.4 KB)
Rhomboid 4.rfa (1.0 MB)

Data have been internalized and adaptive component saved

You can control the direction pf your adaptive component setting the point order.

currently you have only established the shaded areas for adaptive components.

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Thank you. Japhy!

Very useful information. Can you please show me how to deploy adaptive components in unshaded areas too?

To get the best and quickest answer on that I would remove the Rhino.Inside.Revit components from your GH definition and pose the question to the grasshopper forum category with internalized geometry.

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Ok, thanks.