Type Mark in Revit families

Hi , i’m trying to clean-up a model where the instance “Mark” parameters are filled with numbers. Already got that working.

However I can’t manage to reach the Type Mark parameter “type parameter” to change it to 0.

Anyone got a tip or trick? Next step would be numbering the windows, doors, generic models sorted by level and from left to right.

But for now the cleanup is the main issue.

After you did “Query Elements”, do “Element Type” to get Types of those elements. Then you can do “Set Element Parameter” which gives you the ability to reach “Type Mark”. Then you can do whatever you want.

This is what i meant.

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Nice! That worked.

I had this script just for sharing the first setup. This worked for “Mark”

Next up will be renumbering Type Marks, according to a series based from left to right or by level?
It saved me already changing 2000 elements of a project :slightly_smiling_face: