Snapping to a CPlane View

Hi, I am trying to make a line in a CPlane Viewport with the Project and Planar options on. The line snaps to a certain elevation, and NOT what I actually want to snap to on an object, or even along that plane. (Please refer to the screen shot below.)

I would greatly appreciate some advice on whether this is bug or if there is a solution to this issue.

Thank you.

Looking at your screen shot, it looks like you are looking at your active CPlane on edge, and your pick is getting projected up to CPlane Z=0, which would be expected with Project on. With Project off, your pick will not be projected (which it sounds like you want).

The Planar option will have no effect on your first pick, but will influence you subsequent picks. If Planar is off, and you mouse pick a second point for line (not using OSnaps, just picking a point is space), that second pick will be a Z=0 for the current CPlane, with Planar on, the second pick will be at the Z level of the first pick. If Project is on, picks made with OSnaps will behave in the same way.


Can I temporarily orient the X-axis to the view or object? So that I can project my snaps in the plane parallel to Z-X? does that make sense?

Command CPlane

Option Curve sets the CPlane perpendicular to a curve or line.

Option Object sets the Cplane based on the “midpoint” of the untrimmed version of the surface.

Option Surface sets the CPlane tangent to a surface.

Option View sets the CPlane relative to the view direction.

Option 3Point sets the CPlane direction based on 3 points