Cannot cut part of a closed curve

Ok. What I really cannot do is cutting the part of a closed curve above the z=0 plane. The general question here is: Is it possible to cut somehow a part of a closed curve wherever?


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hmm… yeah, you can cut anything anywhere…
maybe a sample file or picture of what, exactly, you’re trying to do would help.

As simple as this. I want to cut several closed curves like this one, from z=0 upwards. I can use the Trim command with surfaces, but I don’t know how to handle these closed curves.

Hi Miguel- in front or right, start Line, type in 0 as the start point, set BothSides and then use Ortho to set the line exactly horizontal in that view. Use this line to Trim the rectangle, making sure that ApparentIntersections=Yes as a rule.

Any luck?


Hi, Pascal. Very good. I have a lot of these closed curves. Thinking of a general method.

Thanks so much.

If you have a lot of curves and they all need to be trimmed at the same time to the same line, use a crossing window to select the sides of all the curves to trim off at one time. Does that get at what you need? See also the CutPlane command for making a trimming plane- Select all curves, start CutPlane in an elevation view and use Ortho to keep the plane horizontal to the view. A plane cutting through all selected objects will be created.

(BTW, in V6, you will be able to trim/split with the current cplane.)