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Hi all,

Probably I’m asking a stupid question, but this is bothering me a lot.

Everytime I try to draw something on an object out of the point X 0.000 Y 0.000 Z 0.000, even using tools like ‘end’ ‘quad’ to start a curve exactly where I want, Rhino puts the new object not on the ‘end’ or quad’, but at the point zero. I always need to move/align this object to the place it should be. Is that normal or there is a way to draw exactly on the place I want?

Thanks in advance!

It sounds like you might have Project on. If it is on, it will project your OSnap pick to the current CPlane z=0. You can toggle project either with the command ProjectOSnap Toggle, or checking / clearing Project on the OSnap toolbar.


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Hi Tatiane,
Same might be on to something with the Project.

But also, if you want to snap a new object start to an end or quad point on an existing object, and you have selected the Osnap (or is running), all you need to do is line up your cursor over the location on the existing object, and when you see the tooltip “pick”.

Do not type the coordinate 0,0,0. If you you will override the osnap and locate the object that the origin of the current cplane.

Let us know if this helps.
Mary Fugier

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Thank you Sam and Mary!
The Osnap was selected, but it was working only in 2 viewports (I needed to do that on the viewport right).
I made some tests, and when I deselected the option ‘Tools - Object Snap - Project to Plane’, it worked!