Why does my line always snap to the cplane instead of the line?

I’m trying to get used to using rhino, however, i’m having trouble with the cplane. I’ve drawn two line in the z direction and i want to draw another line connecting them however, whenever i try, the line i’m trying to draw snaps to the c-plane instead of the end of the line like the first image.
The only way i can get my new line to snap to the end point of the original line is if i set my cplane to object(line), however, now when i try to connect it to the second line, it again snaps to the cplane, image 2.

I have only osnap turned on and ‘end’ selected

How do i work with this?
Please help

Hi Baz,

This is caused by “project” being checked in your Osnaps:

While at it, have a look at the helpfile for project:

FWIW also look at the Planar option to keep subsequent points that are not snapped in the same plane:



Thankyou so much Willem.

You may have just saved my project.
Can’t thank you enough

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Thank you, This has helped tremendously!!

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