Planar Snap

Is there a way to snap to an object but still draw planarly if you’re drawing in a top or elevation view? I want to draw this >

and not have it come out like this

I’ve tried “project” and it works okay, but it’s not really what i’m looking for

Set the CPlane to the desired elevation and turn on Project in the OSnaps. What you draw will be on the CPlane.

Thanks! Can you have multiple CPlanes or do you just keep changing the one you have?

You can use Planar toggle from (at the bottom status bar) - once you pick the first point, then all next ones will be in plane of where the first one was drawn…

Even better! Thanks!

That only works until you snap to something at a different elevation.

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Only one CPlane per Viewport at a time, but you can use NameCPlane to save a CPlane with a name, and to switch to a previously saved CPlane.

If you start drawing, with PLANAR on and then check PROJECT after picking the initial point, it will stay at the elevation of the starting point.

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Thanks, forgot about that.

Or you can keep both Project and Planar checked, and then hold down Ctrl for the first point (eg. in top view), allowing you to set the correct elevation in one of the other viewports (eg. front view), then go back and finish the curve in the top view.


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That looks like the simplest method. Good to learn something new.

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Or, after you’ve drawn all your lines use the SetPt command (or choose Transform>Set XYZ Coordinates) to put them at the desired z elevation.


you can use CutPlane to create as many directional surfaces as you need and activate On surface in the snaps no need for Project and Planar then.