Struggling with Cplane


Maybe it’s because it’s late but I’m struggling over the basics of moving the Cplane around. I must have entered an erroneous command because I don’t recall the following problem. I have a model that stretches across non-standard planes. I’m trying to re-trace its lines but the lines keep on snapping to the Cplane instead of locking to the object end points. For example, in the picture below, I’m trying to get the first point of a polyline to snap to the end point of an existing polyline. Instead, it wants to position the point on the Cplane:


a) what can I do to stop it snapping to the Cplane?;

b) can you recommend an idiots guide to Cplanes please? I haven’t found anything helpful on Youtube for some reason.


Be sure that Project is off. You can toggle it on the OSnap toolbar, or use the command line ProjectOsnap. Project will project all OSnap picks down to 0z.


Thanks v much for helping me out so quickly. Apologies for such a basic question.

(Marc Gibeault) #4

And, strangely, Rhino’s help is often more helpful than YouTube…