Smoother geometry | Dendro, exoskeleton or?

( Charles C.) #1

Hi community,

I try to make a pillar from lines with different radius that could further be smoothen. Any expert of Exoskeleten or Dendro can help me out :wink: .

here is my try out. Blue pillar is made with dendro but have wierd transitions. Exoskeleton give me also wierd results at nodes… and straigh parts are wavy … (12.9 KB)

thanks :wink:


(ryein) #2

instead of the ‘curve to volume’ component i would use the ‘points to volume’. you can then change the radius at various points along each curve to get cleaner transitions. (13.2 KB)

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(Bumaye) #3

Hi Charles C. ,

Dendro is a great plugin, but for this case, I would use something like Exoskeleton or even better the Fattener from Daniel Piker ( Skeleton fattener + mesh cage morph ) . It is a great tool to “fatten” curves with different thicknesses.
Have a look at the attachment,

greetings, (7.9 KB)

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( Charles C.) #4

@ryein , thankss it solve the kink issue :slight_smile: ! At lease I can go with that. Are you aware if there is a way to have more control at kinks ? like something 1 step more smooth.

@bumaye Can you link a picture of your script, I’m under R5 and some component are missing in the Gh definition (like multiplicator). I really want to test out the Fattener option !