Lattice Structure and Exoskeleton

Hi guys! I’m trying to create a lattice structure using Pufferfish, but I’m having problems with the Exoskeleton. I wonder if anyone can help me solve this problem. Thank you!! (61.0 KB)

Exoskeleton seems to have some issues, there are tons of discussions on this forum here and there

You could use Dendro

or Fattener from Daniel Piker

Or my old and buggy YANG

If you want to play with it play with one node at a time.

As it outputs surface, you could use them to make a SubD version of the node… (103.5 KB)


And if you don’t want variability you could also use Rhino7 WIP MultiPipe

In some future WIP release the MultiPipe command will also get a Grasshopper component to replace the Fattener and allow more ways of controlling the radii and options.
I’m also working on improving its handling of nodes with high numbers of connections-
I can’t promise exactly how soon this will be ready for release though.

Yet another option to consider would be to simply make a closed mesh pipe with rounded ends for each line segment, ignoring the overlaps. For rendering it doesn’t matter, and most 3d printing software these days doesn’t have a problem with overlapping solids, so you don’t necessarily ever need to boolean them.


Thank you so much for helping me, guys, especially Laurent!

and Daniel, I’m really looking forward to try the “new” Fattener! hope you release it soon.


Hi Daniel

Not only the sharp, but also Bridge or Stitch Sub-D Object.

Thank you for developing attractive MultiPipe.