Line Relaxation ( Kangaroo )

Hi guys.
I have a list of points based one a c# component I wrote now I need to connect them together and then relaxed them in Kangaroo to have a result like EdgeLength of MeshGoal ( like minimal surface ). I don’t know which steps I should take to achieve the result, and there is also another problem, after achieving this I probably need to use ExoSkeleton but it seems it just support lines, not curves, unfortunately. I appreciate it if you could tell me other similar plugins.
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Hamid (29.3 KB)

Not similar but can do the same line or curve thickening…

Hi Hamid, it’s unclear what you mean by relaxing your lines to have a result like edgeLength in Kangaroo or minimal surfaces. Which endpoints of which lines are anchored? How do you want to connect the points to create the lines? There’s a lot you haven’t defined.

If what you want is something similar to the image you posted, to me it looks more similar to a relative neighborhood graph of the points or something. I would also recommend Dendro to mesh/pipe the curves at the end.

Here I take your points and run them through a c# script that just calculates the relative neighborhood graph of the points, then I mesh the lines with Dendro. If you like this result you can find a relative neighborhood graph component here and dendro on food4rhino.