Skeleton of 2D shape

Hey, I took a look at this article, but it didn’t help me to create what I need for a university project.

This is what I am thinking about:

I need a skeleton curve like the red line.

I don’t come further like this: (12.6 KB)

Is anyone able to help me?

What is all that code for and how did Voronoi get into this picture? (7.3 KB)

This is very similar to the question asked here
Here’s the same script applied to your curves.
This results in something equidistant from the inside and outside border (14.4 KB)

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The white group shows an alternate method: (13.1 KB)

P.S. Seam alignment is not required for the white group method:

Voronoi is just the tool that is used to calculate the medial axis. Not useful here but when the curves are more complex it helps.

Are you joking !
Yes it works, you just need to remove dead ends. I made a component for that. But could be replaced by a tool there

Thanks everyone!

I tried all scripts. What if I use a shape that is only once curve, for example a rectangle? Am I right it would only work with the script shared by @laurent_delrieu ? Is the “RemoveDeadEnds” component your own creation? Is it possible to get it as a plugin somewhere?

Yes, but could be replaced by tool there

Medial Axis must work for single curve. But the skeleton will not be a closed curve but an open curve.
It is a line for an ellipse, a point for a circle, a cross for a square, a sort of dog bone for a rectangle. So remove dead end will not work.


Thank you.

Will you publish these components someday?

Yes it is expected. But you could make cluster/Hops component of already available definitions if you want to simplify your files.

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