Help creating in Grasshopper

Hi Everyone! I am a beginner seeking help
I would like to know how would you guys go about creating a parametric surface such as the image below.

In essence, the surface is square, 24x24 inches with a chosen thickness of 4 inches.
The surface is split into 20 or so curved “segments” (One segment is shown in green). The spacing between each segment (One spacing is shown in Red) has “x” thickness.

I would like to have the ability to choose the z height or “depth” for each segment.
I have attached a file I was working on, but I think I was overcomplicating

my approach and did not get the results I wanted.

Thanks for your help!

1. January (2.1 MB)

There is no geometric system here, no set of rules to tell your pc or in this case grasshopper what to do.

Without a geometric system you cannot parametrize anything. Unless you come up with a geometric interpretation of this image then we can help you create that with GH.

As a side note, this looks like a contour map, where the lower left corner is the highest point and the upper right corner is the lowest point. Maybe trying creating a surface in 3D and contour it in grasshopper?

If you get create a solid volume with that surface, that is, a box trimmed with the surface, join it, get a polysurface. You can then contour that and your contours will be closed curves, you can make planar surfaces out of them, project them all to the bottom, and extrude them with x value.

Ah I was forgetting the gap, maybe another approach is necessary. Once you have your contours, as simple curves (no need to be closed) you could project them to bottom, offset them both sides, make a surface out of them, and use that to as a region to trim your squared surface. (region difference component)

Good luck! (50.9 KB)

PD: The surface that was contoured was modeled by hand in rhino by creating a square planar surface, rebuild to about 6x6 control points and move them by with gumball and ‘softmove’ command.

Thank you for your input! This definitely helps! Much appreciated.

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