[Grasshopper] voronoi curves + Rhino curves to multipipe

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Im struggling with a problem. I created this (refer to attached image) thing using the voronoi system in grasshopper. My problem is the inner voronoi structure looks good when I multipipe it. But the pipe you see on the outside boundry was made using curves in Rhino. When I try to include it in the multipipe command, I only get a plain uniform pipe without any interaction with the inner voronoi structure? How would I go about doing that? Also attaching the GH definition .

Any help would be appreciated! thanks!
voronoi.3dm (3.3 MB)

Simple Pipe.gh (20.9 KB)

I dont know how to fix the multipipe doing this god knows what, it seems, this appears when your offset mesh is set to 0.

but i have a usefull cluster (made by i dont remember who, but props to him), that trims set of curves in the intersections. And you need to trim your curves in the places where you want your multipie nodes to be.
Simple Pipe_shlnt.gh (29.3 KB)
ShInt.ghcluster (7.7 KB)

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WOW! Thank you so much for this! I tried splitting the original outer curves with the voronoi curves before running them through the ‘merge’ component followed by the ‘simplify’ component, but that didnt do anything.
I have no idea how this cluster works but Im happy for now! Could I also bother you with explaining to me how I could use this cluster in the future and for what?
Thanks again!