How to model this shape in grasshopper

concrete (16.9 KB)
Hello everyone, I am having a hard time using tween through curves for this shape.
Does anyone have a better solution? Thanks a lot

Tweener tool or Nautilus could probably tween such shape.

You need to make the bottom curve a single closed curve. To create it, you can create offsets of the 3 lines and merge them.

Ideally both curves have a similar topology to have better results

yes, will keep trying them :slight_smile:

ah yes, perfect! thanks :slight_smile:

Here is a way using Nautilus plugin and Clipper offset (must be inside the circle and not touching the circle.
The idea is generate a fine mesh with hole(s)
Put weights

concrete vase (14.4 KB)

I think like with Tweener it could be used with 1 curve and 1 or more holes

And you can mix curves like it was one here


thank you! tried downloading the plugin and installing it, but i use mac and it did not work :confused:

Hello @Gloriana
as I have no Mac it is hard to help, but my tools seems OK with Mc Neel diagnostic tool.

Did you try with PAckage Manager ?