Silhouette Tool in Make 2D

I have been using Rhino 5 for a few years now and Rhino WIP just a few days, and I am loving it. I just have one suggestion.
In architecture, profile edges are important for axonometric drawings to show depth, and I was very excited about the silhouette feature in make2d, but is there a way to get the silhouette of individual objects? For simple models silhouette works great, but on complex models it will actually flatten the image more than if you didn’t have them at all. I have been experimenting and trying to figure out different ways to achieve this, but it doesn’t seem possible. I have even tried to use “MeshOutline” to get the edges and then make 2D, but it draws the outline perpendicular to the viewing plane and not on the physical object. If this could be fixed this would save hours of time in post production

Profile vs Silhouette




Hi jhafel - if you make multiple runs of make2d, with different objects selected, you can, I think get the curves you want - it is worth a try - the various objects should register correctly with each other in the final output (in V6/WIP) if you keep, or restore,the same view.


That has kind of been my workaround so far. I will make2d a series of objects, line them up, and duplicate the silhouettes layer and trim out what I don’t need or turn one into a white fill in Adobe Illustrator (for larger models), but again this only works in simple models. On my complex drawings, like structural axonometrics, I just have to try my best with line weights because even that doesn’t work well. They just turn into muddy messes. My original post was just a suggestion though. Like if MeshOutline was similar to DupBorder in that the lines are on the object. Either way I am still grateful for the entire make2d overhaul regardless it is a big improvement over Rhino 5

I wrote a grasshopper script that filters the Profile Curves. Probably that helps you. See here: Make2D Silhouette per Object - Workaround with Rhino/ Grasshopper