Make2D Output

Hello, i am trying to extract the silhouette of the chair without wireframe but i couldt make it without wireframe. I am trying to make like the second picture, is there any help for that?

Attachment_1615292662 (1)

will MeshOutline work?

I don’t think so as he needs it as a flatten curves in top view for exporting

Just use Make2D after creating the MeshOutline?

Firstly, thank you for the respond, it did something but lose some details:) I add a picture to illustrate it.

Well, you only asked for the silhouette in your initial questions, so I think that satisfies that. Maybe you are also looking for the edges of the shape. You can try Make2D, but it is far from perfect on Meshes. Meshes in general are difficult to “automatically” generate nice curves for all the feature edges.

Yes, i couldnt make myself clear at the beginnig sorry for that. So for now, there is not to much to do i think?

You might try using quadremesh, then convert to subd, then convert to nurbs, then try make2d again.

This is better, thank you very much!