Outlines of 2D objects


I would like to ask if there is any RhinoCommon method that does similar thing to Make2D from top view.
It is similar thing as screenshot attached of make2d method in grasshopper.

What I essentially want to do is to get and outline of brep/mesh/closed curve that is projected to xy plane from top view. Make2D takes quite long time to compute, I am wondering if there is something in between.

First I was thinking that I can project objects to xy plane, but to get outline of flat object is complicated issue for me.

Or the only option is to use mesh shadow component? If yes is there is an equivalent method of mesh shadow in RhinoCommon?

I do not have the answer to your question but I had the same question and I did not find a faster solution than using the MeshShadow and the Clipper plugin for the Boolean operation.
the problem is that it converts curves into polylines.


I was having the same thought in mind.
Do you know what kind of RhinoCommon method is behind MeshShadow component?

Yes the Rhino.Geometry.Mesh.GetOutlines (plane).

Thank you very much:)