Make 2d Profile Edges (Spatial Edges)

I know about the Scene Silhouette in Make 2D. But I would like Make2d to generate profile lines from spatial edges (the lines that are the boundaries of a form separated from the background by some intervening space) in a separate layer. There was a Grasshopper definition that was shared somewhere that makes silhouette per object, but that is also not exactly what I want. Here is a sketch that hopefully makes it clear:

I found out that the artistic view is actually showing me these lines, so since Rhino knows what they are, would there be any way to achieve what I want?

Artistic View:

Thank you,

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Hi Rteuman

I have a feeling that this won’t help much, but there might be a solution in Grasshopper.
Hopefully someone who is more fluent in the program will be able to help you on this.

The link below seems to be of someone with a similar issue (with file attached in thread)
‘Mesh outline’ is a Rhino command that gives you the same kind of results as Make2D, but I have a feeling that Grasshopper would give more control.

From what I see in your sketch, you want to extend all contour edges to their next bend or butt. Is that about right?

While I like the visual result, I fail to understand why you would want a visual emphasis on those edges.

Hi, thank you for the replies. I want the lines that has space behind them to be on a separate layer. This is what it’s referred as spatial edges on this diagram:

I still haven’t figured it out. Any ideas?

This illustration has come up before.
@GregArden would know if, under the hood, Rhino sorts Make2D curves that way.