Make2D Silhouette per Object - Workaround with Rhino/ Grasshopper

I searched for this option for a long time. Silhouette per Object. I now wrote a Script, that uses the RH6 Make2D with hidden lines and grouped. As I’m writing I think it can even be simplified.

As seen in the Screenshot hit “grouped” and “hidden lines”.

Next reference the grouped elements into grasshopper curve component. (19.4 KB)
The script uses a VB Script component from David Stasiuk (Closed Curve Intersection Network - Grasshopper)

I hope this is helpful.


Thank you! have been searching for this exact output

Hi, looks great!

I have a Issue with the human component (see pic below), because Iam using Rhino7. Do you have an alternative way to get the silhouette without these component?