Make2d Silhouette per Object


Is there a way how to get outlines per object as curves? Similiar to the “pen” viewport display mode?

I have to create a fairly complex graphic (lots of breps) and my current workflow is to make self-illuminating materials per object (color per object), render and trace the result in illustrator. It works, but kind of meh. :confused:

Any way how to get this in Rhino?

You could try MeshOutline in the view you want, which will work well with boxy shapes. You can set the CPlane to the view and then once you have the outline, you can remap the outline (which is created in 3D) back to the Top viewport/CPlane.

Only thing is that it will combine visually overlapping objects, so you may need to do this object-by-object. I imagine that could be automated with a script.


I wrote a grasshopper script that does what you ask for. See here: Make2D Silhouette per Object - Workaround with Rhino/ Grasshopper


Hi all - is there any progress on the per object silhouette as a built in option? My ultimate wishlist is to have scene silhouettes and per object silhouettes that are joined paths in export to AI so I can easily apply a fill and stroke to them. Thanks!

sorry, but why are you bothering rhino developer for an Illustrator problem?
Ask the €900,00 euros/year developers to improve that 20 years old sht piece of sw.
Flash, maybe you are to young to remember it, was able to fill any area no matter the contour.
… but Adobe kill it… ask yourself why?

sorry but I can’t stop fighting again marketing bad behavior (Adobe)

and actually AI can do as Flash since 10 years.