Make2D Silhoutte/ Boundary

Is there a way to get a third layer of the boundary edges of the objects I want to make2D of?
It just made me think it is possible because on the Pen Render Display, the isocurves of the boundary of the objects are shown rather than just a silhoutte.

something like this?

Yes! This is exactly what I was looking for. Seems like a complicated algorithm but i’ll look into it and see how it is working thank you.

‘meshoutline’ is a helpful command as well, works fine on nurbs too.

mesh outline

Thought I’d revive this thread. The algorithm works nicely on simple geometries. But once they involve a lot of lines, the computation is just too much for a powerful computer.

However it seems like there is a way to get the silhouette of each object if they output as a group without involving too much computation. Would you know an easier way?

Hi - I’ll add that as a wish on our list but I’d like some additional information…

Would you expect this new Make2D layer to include the entire “local silhouette” curves for each object or only those parts that are not already covered by the “global” silhouette?

If the latter, do you expect the individual local silhouettes to be closed polycurves or should the result be (as it is today) unjoined curves?

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Hey Wim,

Thank you! I was thinking this new layer includes curves that are not covered by the global silhouette. That way, we could control their line thickness, and they could either be the same thickness as the global silhouette or a bit thinner to differentiate between the global silhouette and the object silhouette.

I think for this use, i am expecting that unjoined curves would do the job. When you say as it is today, do you mean there is an existing option for it in rhino?

Thank you again,

Hi - Thank you for that additional information - I have added item RH-49523.

No. I meant that the global silhouette today is a collection of unjoined curves.