Shapediver: PDF export different on platform

I have just started playing around with the PDF creation abilities in Shapediver. I have made a fairly simple test case with some text, an image and some line drawings.

When I export the PDF locally it works fine:

But when I download the same file from the platform after uploading it looks like this:

The local download and shapediver export component both use exactly the same Squid instructions:

I’ll attach the simplified .gh file.

The model on Shapediver is: ShapeDiver

Can you please let me know what is wrong with it? We want to use the PDF functionality to create PDFs for our production partners via API. We kind of have to be sure the PDFs actually contain text.

Please investigate!

230616_PDF (51.5 KB)

Hi Armin,

Did you check out our latest video tutorial on this topic?

How To Generate Complex Technical Drawings w/ Grasshopper | Pt. 1

If not, please do so as it may solve some of your questions.


@seltzdesign I believe your account is using the Rhino 6 backend system, are you using the same version of Rhino locally?
Which version of the ShapeDiver plugin are you using? The latest is 1.15.0.

I updated to the latest version of the Shapediver plugin now in Rhino 7 (was on 1.9.3) and the bug still exists. Local version works fine, once uploaded to Shapediver most of the text and image are missing.

I am currently trying to update Rhino 6 with the latest version of the plugin, but I can’t see a way to just download the file. It always wants to open the file in Rhino 7. See: Download a plugin from food4rhino?

I also can’t find a way to download the plugin from your website. In fact, the release notes on your website don’t even mention 1.15 yet: Plugin - Release Notes

Could you please let us download your plugin from your website? Food4Rhino works okay, but some odd decisions are sometimes made over there. Thanks.

@seltzdesign what font are you using in your export PDF are are you sure it is available in the SD server?

I believe there is a list of supported fonts in the SD documentation.



Thanks for the suggestion. I am using Arial everywhere and some of the text that is also using Arial is working fine.

So it must be something else.

You can download the ShapeDiver plugin from the package manager in Rhino. Launch the command PackageManager in Rhino 7 and TestPackageManager in Rhino 6. Version 1.15 should be available in both, release notes will follow soon.

Alright, I found the bug. It is with the offset curve component, that for some weird reason fails in the most silent way imaginable. It just outputs nothing, but does not turn orange. It outputs an “empty curve parameter”, which I can’t remember seeing before.

I mean it’s trying to offset a literal rectangle… and it fails on that!? I knew the offset component in Grasshopper was terrible, but not managing a rectangle! That is next level terrible.

I will replace it with Clipper or actually just calculate the new offset rectangle.

I will also remember to test everything in Rhino 6.

There are many such differences between Rhino 6 and 7. In this case, the Plane input has been made optional in Rhino 7 but is required in Rhino 6. If you just input a plane (I am assuming World XY), the component will work as expected in Rhino 6 as well.

Thanks. Ah, that almost makes sense. But shouldn’t the component be orange if an input is missing? Anyways, I usually try to steer clear of using the offset component and use Clipper instead, but in this instance I assumed that offsetting a rectangle shouldn’t be a problem. I can’t remember seeing any component that has this weird behavior where it stays grey even though a required input is missing.

Anyways, I’ll remember to check everything in Rhino 6 until hopefully Rhino 8 comes out soon and Rhino 7 hopefully becomes standard on Shapediver. Is that to be expected?

Hi Armin,

No, Rhino 6 will continue to be the standard Rhino version offered to PRO clients. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, we can gladly discuss the options we can offer your company over a video call.


Okay, thanks. Fair enough. It’s not really a problem, I was just curious.

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Could you do something like suggested by another plugin dev here: Update notifications for plugins? - #2 by farouk.serragedine

That seems like a sensible thing, so we get notified of updates to the plugin, since Rhino itself does not do that.