Error when connecting page size


Hi, I’m trying to use ShapeDiver and Squid(ShapeDiver Edition) to export a pdf. When connecting the Page Size to my rectangle it gives the error seen in the attached screenshot. Any ideas? Thanks!!

I’ve attached a simplified gh (8.0 KB)

Thanks for reporting. There seems to be a bug for Mac users and we will do our best to fix this in coming updates. Your definition should work on ShapeDiver though and you should be able to export PDFs.

Thank you for your response!! Do you have an estimate when the next update will release?

Also, do you know if your pdf export can preserve cmyk channel settings exactly as they are fed through the solid fill component? Currently when exporting Rhino documents as an Adobe pdf and using Human components to fill, it preserves 100% cyan, but it will mix channels for black even though my GH definition sets the black cmyk channel as (0, 0, 0, 1).

Hi Pavol, I have the same error… was this bug ever fixed and is there a workaround if not?

Currently, support for the mac version of our plugin is on hold, as it needs refactoring in many parts. We still plan to release a version compatible with mac in the future but I cannot give a precise release data at the moment.