SetDotNetRuntime Error

Hello everyone,

I have recently updated to Rhino 8 and installed the new ShapeDiver plugin. During installation, I have received the following error,

"Loading the SdRhinoStargateClient plugin is not supported yet if Rhino 8 is using .NET 7. To fix this, please use the “SetDotNetRuntime” command of Rhino 8 and switch to .NET Framework.

I did exactly that, and switched from Default (which is I assume the NETCore) to NETFramework, and the ShapeDiver plug-in started working. However, now I have other plug-ins that are not running properly. (DraftHorse for example).

Will there be a solution to this compatibility issues or we have to switch the NET Runtime settings everytime and restart Rhino?

This is currently not possible in Rhino 8 but we will update the plugin as soon as it is. I will update this topic once the situation is resolved.

Thanks Mathieu.
Do you know when this update will be released?

@Hugo_Chinaglia we are almost there. There is a final problem blocking us from releasing this, should be fixed in Rhino 8 SR 7. Related links: