.NetFramework compatability

On Rhino8 I get an error message for ShapeDiver because the .NetFramework is set incorrectly (?) but if I switch the .NetFramework other plugins fail to load. Is this going to be resolved?

In the general case for Rhino (not just ShapeDiver), you’ll have a problem if some plugins require 4.8 and some plugins require 7.0 Core.

Your comment doesn’t include info about which direction(s) you’re switching the runtime from/to and which plugins are an issue.

Knowing that would help the ShapeDiver folks with your particular problem and many of the rest of is in seeing such conflicts coming.

Thanks Nathan, when loading Rhino withSetDotNetFramework on NETCore I get the error message from ShapeDiver

After I switch to NETFramework I get no errors, the previous errors I was receiving were based on another issue.

I’m experiencing the same issue and error with Shapdiver on .Net 7 Core. The problem arises when I switch to the .Net framework, as my Squid plugin components don’t function properly. For instance, the “Draw Text” feature always yields a “none” result, and nothing is actually drawn or displayed. I would greatly appreciate any assistance.

I did some digging and it seems that the issue is just in the stringify method of the parameter. If you connect the wire to the Squid component, it works as expected:

I filed a bug to fix the display issue, but in the meanwhile you should be able to use the functionality anyway, please let me know if it works on your side as well.

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any updtes on this, as I also get this message. Didn’t notice it before, am today making the swap from R7 to R8
Screenshot 2024-05-13 113844

Did you try to follow the instructions written in the error message?

Hi @mathieu1 No i did not, since I didn’t know how that would effect other plugins inside gh or rhino itself. Any advise? Is this temporary and something to be solved in an upcoming update either on your side or rhino’s? i don’'t use ShapeDiver at this moment, so for now it’s just a small hinderance when I launch R8

Once Rhino 8 SR 7 is out we will likely be able to ship our plug-in such that it supports both frameworks.

Related issue in Rhino 8: https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-80648/Yak.exe-fails-with-multi-targeted-plugin

Related forum thread: .NET multi targeting for yak packages - #12 by snabela

When I do this, some Plug-Ins (for me ‘Koala’ from Scia Engineer) were not available any more. @mathieu1 @snabela : isn’t there a way to solve this?

As Alex mentioned above, this will have to wait for the Rhino 8 Service Release 7, which will allow to ship plugins supporting both frameworks. See message above.

FWIW, 8.7 was released about 10 hours ago.

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We will roll out 8.7 on our Rhino 8 systems tomorrow. We will then also try to create a multi-targeted package.