Serious problem with files sent by e-mail / Office 365 Outlook

Something very worrisome here - it’s probably my system, but I have no idea how to fix it. Since yesterday, any Rhino file that comes in as an e-mail attachment (via Outlook) will hang Rhino when I try to open it. That same file gotten via webmail or via a Drobbox link opens just fine.

I thought this was just a problem with one file I received yesterday, but got another one this morning from a different client, same thing. If I make a file with just a rectangle here and send it to myself via e-mail as an attachment, it also happens.

Anyone experienced anything like this? This is kinda painfully scary, I have no idea how to fix something wrong with Outlook.

I haven’t experienced this before.

I usually transfer zipped 3dm files because zip / 7z or whatever archive protects the integrity of the contents. At least I have this feeling

What I have experienced before is with excel files opened directly from the email. Because they are temp files and if they try to auto-save themselves Outlook prevents that.

You may look into this behavior. Try saving the files and not open them directly from the email.

I do that, the files I am opening have been dragged out of the mail and onto the desktop or into some folder. Doesn’t change anything.

Here is an example - beware, opening the file below hangs Rhino here. Discourse seems intent on changing its name - not the first time this has happened. I will try reopening it from here as well.

Test_File_Orig.3dm (305.3 KB)

Here’s what I get when I open the file:


I don’t have that here:

OK, another try, this one gets me this:
Circle_Email_Test_After.3dm (308.9 KB)
(and on 2 different computers, 2 different OS - 8.1 and 10)

No problems here either. Win 10 home Rhino 6 SR25

I see a crashdump from ~20 minutes ago in our crash report system. Let me check the crash dump

Just tried with yet a third file on a second machine - Windows 10 - and same thing. I’m on SR 26 RC latest - (6.26.20133.12291, 12/05/2020). I can produce as many crash dumps as you want…

It appears that after uploading to Discourse and redownloading, it works. :confounded:

Just sent in another one, just in case.

One more test, here is one that crashes my laptop, will try re-downloading from here afterward.

Penta_Email_Test_After.3dm (428.6 KB)

Yep, no problem after posting here and re-downloading… so WTF is happening? :exploding_head:

If I’m reading the crashdump correctly the windows runtime code thinks the file you’re opening is from the year 4501 or so.

You mean you first save the file from outlook. Then upload it to discourse. Redownload it from there and open that?

Wow, didn’t know I was a time traveler… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The exact procedure is this:

  • New file, draw something, save to desktop.
  • Make a new folder on the desktop, copy the saved file there and change the file name (to distinguish it from the original). Open it briefly to check there is no problem, then close.
  • Open a new mail in Outlook with one of my addresses and attach the file with the changed name.
  • Send the mail with the attachment to another one of my addresses.
  • Open the received mail. Drag the attached file to the desktop.
  • Double click to open it.
  • Crash.
    (drag and drop also crashes, as does File>Open)

This procedure I get. I’m asking about

Are you uploading the file that crashes, or the original file?

The file that crashes…

Have you compared the two files? Timestamp, size…

Size is the same, timestamp is later by a couple of minutes on the sent file…

For completeness, can you send the file to me at so I can see if gmail does some breaking things to it?


Mitch, I believe there was a 365 update on 12th May. If problem arose after then, check if you have latest version and consider rolling 365 back to prior version to see if that cures it.


Oh, you’re looking for Rhino version 100 :smiley:

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Might it be Office 365 changing file’s datetime info incorrectly?