3DM file is not a rhino file


I wonder if anyone can help me, I have been working on a rhino file for a fair few hours, I saved the file and closed the application. When I tried to re-open my rhino file came up with this pop- up shown below saying this is not a rhino file. I have then gone on to open it on my laptop but this has not opened either. Could anyone possibly help me or advise me on how to retrieve my work within this folder.

Many thanks in advance.


If you launch Rhino and run the Audit3dmFile command on this file, what does it report?

Same issue… ran Audit 3dm Command, got this message:


File is still the right size… can’t tell what the issue is. HELP?

Please post the file.

You might also try running Rescue3dmFile and seeing if it can be repaired.

Is there a way to post the file to you securely? Sensitive data involved. Thank you- trying Rescue3dmFile now.

Sure. Please use: https://www.rhino3d.com/upload and set the Recipient e-mail address to dan@mcneel.com.