Fail to open. 3dm is not a rhino file

2 files either created or saved yesterday fail to load today. Errors are (file name).3dm is not a rhino file. I also received an error, file is not a rhino M_archive.
Older file are OK
I have backups but still several hours older than the file last saved.

System info file attached

rhino system info.txt (2.1 KB)

Any chance of I can recovere this?

Hi Ken - were these saved to a synced folder by any chance? (Google Drive, etc)
I ask because I’ve seen one case where the syncing operation completely jumbled a users files - associating files with apparently random extensions… jpegs were text files, .3dm files were something else…

In any case if you upload one of these to, Ill take a look.


Right. Someone probably just edited the file extension.

These are located on our local server. Going thru several issues with IT at the moment that may be related. Altho its strange that the file saved yesterday without an issue. I tried to open this file from another computer on the network but ran into the same issue. looking like a corrupt save.
The computer issues today are related to some windows updates not playing well with my computer for some reason. Due to size (500 meg) and customer data its not possible to send the file.

Note if the extension was edited it would effect all files, not just a few of the files from yesterday, that’s why I’m thinking/Hoping its the Windows update.

Once IT guys get finished with my computer I’ll check back if there are any changes.


Old thread but I just had the same issue trying to access a file from quick access in Explorer. I’m working on a server that sometimes prompts for a username and password before browsing from a computer that was restarted. Opening the file from quick access before being prompted for password gave me the same error message because the existing alias couldn’t fetch the file.


I’d run a test by working on a copy of the files on your local drive and copy them up to the server at the end of the day. Maybe for a week or so.

If that works, then you’ve identified the problem as being with your network setup.

If the problem persists, you’ll know it’s not the network.