HELP .3dm is not a Rhino file


I’m running into a problem with a file I saved to Dropbox and now that I download it to my computer is not opening showing “/Users/almuesponda/Dropbox/Fall 2019/Tech/Tech.3dm is not a Rhino file.”

I tried Rescue3dmFile and Audit3dm without success. Is there anyway someone can help me recover the file?


Hello -

can you post or send us the file at Please include a link back to this conversation in your comments.


Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the quick response. Here is the file.

Tech.3dm (158 Bytes)

Hello - it is not a Rhino file and not anything that looks like it once was,from what I see - at a gues I’d say it is maybe some kind of DropBox place holder…?


What makes you think it was never a Rhino file? I’m trying to understand why is it not opening if it is a .3dm
I don’t think it is a place holder, I uploaded a working version of the file and now that I downloaded it, it won’t open. I’m attaching pictures of how it looks for me.


Hello - as is, the entire contents of the file are

bpi ist Cl ÛUO [[[0\NSURLHameKeyJENSURLFileSizeKey_ODNSURLFileResourceTypeKeyXTech . 3dm£ |yfl_ONSURLFileResourceTypeRegularü]/JSX
[0 D	w	I

As far as I know there is nothing there that is expected to be in a Rhino file.