HELP .3dm is not a Rhino file


I’m running into a problem with a file I saved to Dropbox and now that I download it to my computer is not opening showing “/Users/almuesponda/Dropbox/Fall 2019/Tech/Tech.3dm is not a Rhino file.”

I tried Rescue3dmFile and Audit3dm without success. Is there anyway someone can help me recover the file?


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Hello -

can you post or send us the file at Please include a link back to this conversation in your comments.


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Hi Pascal,

Thanks for the quick response. Here is the file.

Tech.3dm (158 Bytes)

Hello - it is not a Rhino file and not anything that looks like it once was,from what I see - at a gues I’d say it is maybe some kind of DropBox place holder…?


What makes you think it was never a Rhino file? I’m trying to understand why is it not opening if it is a .3dm
I don’t think it is a place holder, I uploaded a working version of the file and now that I downloaded it, it won’t open. I’m attaching pictures of how it looks for me.


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Hello - as is, the entire contents of the file are

bpi ist Cl ÛUO [[[0\NSURLHameKeyJENSURLFileSizeKey_ODNSURLFileResourceTypeKeyXTech . 3dm£ |yfl_ONSURLFileResourceTypeRegularü]/JSX
[0 D	w	I

As far as I know there is nothing there that is expected to be in a Rhino file.


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I found a solution to this if anyone is still looking. Seems like the “startup” code was corrupted in my file. May not work for all:

  • Created a new file with a single line drawn and saved to desktop
  • Copied a backup of the corrupt file to desktop
  • Replaced .3dm with .txt on both files and opened in text editor
  • Copied first section of code from the “Good” file and pasted over the corrupted code of the “Bad” file. (I tried copying everything from the “C” in “crease angle” and above)
  • Save and close the text file
  • Replace .txt with .3dm and open
  • After a successful open, File>Export to a new .3dm with new file name

good file:

bad file:


This sounds interesting :thinking:

Yeah doesn’t look like it will work here…