Segments/ lines reconnecting point list


I’m trying to find a way to create lines of the modifies set of points following the rules of “connectivity” as in the original object. In the image, the “original Image” is the one where there are already lines connecting the points. I can’t just move the lines since it’s not the same position of points. I tried to sort the list but didn’t yet find an appropriate logic to get the desired result. Would there be a way to do so?
Also joined the original gh file, however I’m using kinect+firefly to get the set of points (body tracking)

dots (7.5 KB) (817.2 KB)

Check out the Topologizer, a small plugin by Daniel Piker.

You’ll find it in this thread:

thanks for your reply.
Well, from what I gather, ( i did try it out). The topologizer follow rather a mesh “triangulation” or panelling sort of logic. Whereas in my case, it’s not really doing the job. The points are a result of body tracking (kinect firefly), then I’m trying to register the points of movements and move them. What I’m having trouble is reproducing the lines for the moved points ( hich although are similar, they have different coordinates)