I want to connect points and make a boundary

I finally extract points from mesh objects. Now I want to connect points and make a boundary line(or polyline) with these points. A left image is my goal. When I checked the point order, it is not in sequence. I want to re-order the points in sequence. I am a beginner of grasshopper, please let me know what commands I need to use.

Looks like you do not require 6 and 7.

Yes, I don’t want point number 6, 7.

I finally re-order the point number by ‘sort along curve’ but can’t find out the way I can delete the point number 6, 7.

What about uploading the file with inernalised geometry?
That is always a good starter: “Help others to help you.” :wink:

20200425 TSP making boundary polyline.gh (13.9 KB)

I keep updating my grasshopper file but messy.

Make Boundary Polyline.3dm (403.2 KB)

Will Mesh | Plane do the thing?

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Wow, this is it!

Thanks a lot!