How can I connect each of those edge point with a singular line?

I thought abou deconstructing points, but I am not figuring it out about how to connect each pair with a line like so

(but more linear and straight, with the mouse I couldnt get it striaght)


Can you upload the 3dm and GH files?

1 Like (13.6 KB)
curve.3dm (136.9 KB)


Which specific point do you want to connect?

Are there 3 lines needed?Or do you want to connect all the points?

each point that has an opposite point needs to be connected with a line, so you end up with a result like this but in grasshopper, and the aumount of lines is due to the number of points

Your picture looks like an example using the Contour command.
Like this?

Or do you need to connect the points you created? (20.5 KB)